J Bone Jt Infect 2020; 5(2):101-105. doi:10.7150/jbji.42079

Research Paper

Wound Complications after 2-Octyl Skin Closure Systems for Total Joint Arthroplasty

Andrew Michalowitz, Robert Comrie, Christopher Nicholas, Michael Wagner, James Kehoe

McLaren Macomb Hospital

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Michalowitz A, Comrie R, Nicholas C, Wagner M, Kehoe J. Wound Complications after 2-Octyl Skin Closure Systems for Total Joint Arthroplasty. J Bone Jt Infect 2020; 5(2):101-105. doi:10.7150/jbji.42079. Available from http://www.jbji.net/v05p0101.htm

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Introduction: Total joint arthroplasty is projected to expand rapidly by 2030. With large numbers of patients undergoing TJA, the choice of incisional closure has come into question. We compared the 2-Ocyl cyanoacrylate closure system of Dermabond ® Prineo ® with Exofin Fusion ® to compare rates of adverse wound outcomes after total joint arthroplasty. Secondary outcome measures were age, sex, and medical comorbidities between groups.

Methods: We retrospectively reviewed adverse wound outcomes with skin closure in TJA in 281 patients (160 Dermabond Prineo and 121 Exofin Fusion). Clinical charts were analyzed out to the 6-week post-op visit.

Results: The rate of overall adverse superficial wound outcomes was similar between the two groups with Dermabond Prineo (N=20) and Exofin Fusion (N=19). The rate of cellulitis was significantly higher for Dermabond Prineo when compared to Exofin Fusion (P=0.033). No other significant differences were found for rate of superficial or deep wound complications or for secondary outcomes.

Conclusions: The two 2-octyl wound closure systems had similar adverse superficial wound complications. Except for Dermabond Prineo having a higher rate of post-operative cellulitis, there were no statistically significant differences for other superficial or deep adverse wound outcomes or secondary outcomes. A future randomized control trial or prospective cohort study is needed for a more robust analysis.

Keywords: 2-cyanoacrylate, 2-octyl, Dermabond, Prineo, Exofin, total joint arthroplasty, dermatitis, superficial infection